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Report utility outage, pothole, traffic signal, street sign, street light, or water issue

A citizen's phone call can be very helpful to Borough personnel in more quickly locating and fixing problems. In this case, call the Borough service center at 263-4111 or by emailing them at Please provide as much detail when possible in reporting issues. For example, for traffic signals exact approach of given intersection, time of day, etc is important. For Street Lights pole number or closest address would be helpful.

For report of power out call 717-263-4111 (no email please)

If we already have the report, we might be abrupt; do not become concerned. When there are many customers out of power, the Service Center gets jammed with calls. Finally, while crews are always dispatched immediately, rarely can the Service Center tell you when to anticipate power to be restored. Rest assured, unlike other utilities, our crews respond almost immediately to every call for service.